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Clients are more often than not deeply rooted in what is trending and these are the images they are often presenting to us, thus we need to be familiar with what is out there and influencing our clients. We’ve all watched trends come to life over the years – from manzanita branches to mason jars, vintage to rustic, balloons and bunting to chalkboards and signage “Life is sweet, have a treat”, ombre to floral tipping, carnival themed to steampunk.

TREND: A general direction in which some thing is developing or changing.

Here are some of the things that have been trending and continue to have an influence over all that we are seeing from runway to tabletop this year.

Mixed Textiles and Patterns

2016-07-26_0007Photo on left by Miki and Sonja Photography; photo on right by Della Chen Photography.

Tabletops are taking a more residential approach utilizing mixed textiles as opposed to what used to be a predominance of one linen pattern only. Patterns should be cohesive or united by one or more elements. Never be afraid to mix it up. For a more boho look, combine a range of colors and patterns and for a more modern or restrained look, select one color or hue and mix just the textures or patterns.

Mixed Tables & Seating

2016-07-26_0008Photo on left by Miki and Sonja Photography; photos on right by Braedon Photography.

Different groups of guests often warrant different types of seating – it’s incredibly effective to mix up your tables to incorporate rounds, squares and longs and any combination thereof as well as importing alternate seating like banquettes and armchairs along with your more traditional dinner chairs.

Mixed Metallics

Combining brushed gold, copper, pewter and gunmetal can create a luxe base palette for you to then introduce any other hues from neutrals to explosive pops of jewel tones, taking your look from edgy to residential.

2016-07-26_0009Photo on left by Braedon Photography, top right by Miki and Sonja Photography, middle right by Bliss and Bone, lower right by Brian Tropiano Photography.

Elementals in Lieu of Traditional Florals: Residentially inspired decor and even installation art can transform a space, creating either your uber home interior or a dramatic provocative statement that guests will not soon forget.

2016-07-26_00122016-07-26_0017Clockwise starting on lower lefthand corner – photos by Scott Clark Photography, Blake Gardner, Kelly Brown, Blake Gardner, Braedon Photography, Nicol Ragland. 

Fresh Herbs and Organics: From wild flowers to wood, stone and minerals like geodes, agate, and alabaster, organic collections can create an effortless, natural look while the combination keeps it luxe and textured, allowing for greater depth and dimension.

2016-07-26_0013Clockwise starting on lower lefthand corner – photo by Miki and Sonja Photography, photo by Braedon Photography, photo by R Jack Balthazar, photo by Braedon Photography, photo by Braedon Photography.

Residential Lighting: Incorporating natural lighting in hues like amber, chocolate and soft white, as opposed to colored lighting is another way to create a more luxe, residential feel. Think about it as just volumized candlelight as opposed to saturated, bold washes in pink, blue, purple and red that we’ve seen in the past.

Clockwise starting on lower lefthand corner – photo by Braedon Photography, photo by Nicol Ragland, photo by Miki and Sonja Photography, photo by Miki and Sonja Photography, photo by Kelly Brown.

Technology: I am loving the application of new technologies, such as digital mapping and interactive visual components. Check out our first tech talk here if you want to learn more about what technology trends we’re currently obsessing over.

2016-07-26_0016Clockwise starting on lower lefthand corner – photo by Beautiful Day Photography, photographer unknown, photo from Stv-Visuals.


For clients who wish to go green, a digital invite in lieu of a printed paper suite is a great way to stay environmentally conscious. We are seeing many of our clients seeking ways to reduce their global footprint. A digital invite is something that you can do custom, or can also be sourced through a company like Paperless Post in order to effectively deliver an eco-friendly message.

Photo by Bliss and Bone. 

It is important to recognize trends, as for better or for worse, trends are what influence everything around us. We should not be literally interpreting everything our clients bring to us. Instead we should be designing something “inspired by it” – that way, the design stays fresh and timeless. Based on what the client presents us with, we can create an event that is inspired by all the things they love, superseding a mere color palette or trend found on Pinterest, which I believe oversimplifies the rich complexities of any client.

Our job is not to be trendy… it is to take it one step further and transcend trends. The challenge of designing and creating a narrative in this medium is what I love about what we do.

Best of KBE Tue, 07 Jun 2016 20:41:27 +0000 Proud to present this video, showcasing some of our favorite clients and events! Check it out!

Favorite Wedding Venues Fri, 03 Jun 2016 21:18:50 +0000 Expedia-LogoI am so excited to announce that I have been featured in an article by travel website, Expedia, as one of the world’s top wedding planners! It’s humbling to be recognized alongside some of my wonderful colleagues in the article, Wedding Planner’s Guide to Wedding Venues.

Before we get into the minutiae of an event, it is the venue that sets the stage for an absolutely extraordinary, unforgettable day. Expedia asked me, and eight other fabulous planners, to profile our top three favorite wedding venues. See below for a sneak peak of my favorite venues and make sure to check out the full article here.

Montage Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA

Just steps away from Rodeo Drive, Montage Beverly Hills is one LA’s most welcoming and sophisticated pleasures. Offering resort-style accommodations and a collection of elegant spaces, the venue offers a beautiful blend of European charm and Hollywood glamour. From the luxurious spa, rooftop pool and sprawling views of Beverly Hills to cuisine from celebrity Chef Scott Conant’s Scarpetta to the gorgeous rooms—this 5-star gem is my happy place. Weddings can take place on the romantic terrace overlooking artfully sculpted gardens, on the rooftop with panoramic views or inside the hotel’s grand, Mediterranean-inspired ballrooms.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2.14.07 PM

Four Seasons Bora Bora in French Polynesia:

What we love about The Four Seasons Bora Bora is the marriage of the stunning aesthetic mixed with the high level of service and quality of food and beverage. There is not a venue that offers a more stunning romantic exterior with such one of a kind views. Additionally the events team, as with all within the Four Seasons franchise, is beyond kind, professional and accommodating making the planning experience a wonderful process every time.


12 Technology Trends in Events You Need To Know About Tue, 24 May 2016 04:14:45 +0000 Technology has changed our lives and our businesses and in many cases has made planning and organization a whole lot easier. Here are some of my favorite hidden gems from the tech world that I think you should know about if you don’t already. Hopefully I can provide at least one new takeaway to make your life easier and more efficient. Please enjoy our first addition of the Tech Talks.

An increasingly popular addition to events are portable charging stations. Power up your handheld gadgets at these chic and efficient kiosks. As an event designer, I personally prefer to use anything that helps to keep things cohesive with the decor, like this one from Town and Country Event Rentals.

technology wedding

Whether you’re an amateur party planner, an event planning pro or a couple planning their own wedding, AllSeated makes diagramming and seating charts a dream. 
This web-based service allows you to create and view venue maps, manage floor plans and table layouts, create seating arrangements and compose guest lists. And better yet, its free!


Looking for a tool that makes creating wedding timelines quick and painless? Timeline Genius saves you hours of work and makes editing a breeze. This intuitive and efficient program saves contact information for all of your vendors, venues, and clients, allowing you to add contacts to your timelines in seconds.

timeline genius

If you’re shopping around for a customizable wedding website, let me introduce you to Bliss and Bone. Offering up a variety of stunning designs, their modern wedding website templates are polished and refined, offering you access to over 100 prints, fonts and colors. All sites are mobile and tablet friendly and allow you to collect and export your guests info via their RSVP feature. And the impression doesn’t stop there … check out all Bliss and Bone has to offer in invitations, stationary and branding as well. 

Wedding Website

Don’t have the budget to bring in a DJ or Band but also don’t have the time to curate hours of music yourself and would rather not rely on Pandora’s playlists? Contact The Playlist Generation. Curating and executing soundtracks for your soul, The Playlist Generation creates the atmosphere you’re looking for by pulling in your personal music preferences and remixing soundtracks to keep the party moving. Super easy, incredibly affordable and no hassle necessary – leave it to the pros to design playlists specifically for you and your crowd.

wedding music

If your hosting an outdoor party and sound ordinances are cramping your style, Silent Disco might be the perfect solution to pushing past that 10pm mark. Whether it be a DJ or a live band, guests can experience a high energy live musical performance til the wee hours of the morning, just by slipping on a pair of wireless headphones. And better yet, those wishing to abstain from the music can keep meaningful networking and personal conversations alive without having to yell over blaring music. Check out HUSHconcerts for more information.


Dying to attend Justin Timberlake’s next concert or sit court side at the NBA finals but can’t fork up the dough? NextVR’s Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headset might be the next best thing. Slip on these puppies and dive into a 360 degree all-immersive experience in which you are instantly transported to the Staples Center from the comfort of your own couch. And who knows … this is probably only the beginning of live virtual reality. Give it a year or two and Aunt Ethel might be able to attend your wedding ceremony from another country.

event technology

Photobooths have come a long way in the past 5 years. If you’re still a lover of this activation but are looking to up your street cred, check out LA Photo Party. Their dynamic services blend fun and innovation and include everything from classic photo strips to 360 degree green screen activations. Better yet, you can instantly upload your photos to social media and email so you can show your friends who couldn’t make it what they missed out on.

wedding photo booth

Engage attendees at your next event 
by aggregating content from their own social media. The social media wall harvests and edits social media content live via Twitter and Instagram and then integrates it into animation templates that are then displayed for all to see. Create a win-win situation for you and your guests by featuring a unique hashtag for the event and getting attendees to promote it in their social media posts – not only will it strengthen your event’s presence but it will allowing users to express themselves publicly.

wedding social media

Whether your focus is non-profit or corporate events, EventBrite is the platform for you! This one-stop shop for managing event sales and attendees allows you to plan, promote and sell tickets to events, and publish them across social media directly from the website. You can even monitor real-time ticket sales, check-in attendees, track attendance live, and accept fast, secure payment for tickets and merchandise on-site.


If you haven’t yet heard about Periscope, now’s the time to get on board. Periscope is changing the way we converse, allowing you to peek into someone else’s world. This live-streaming platform allows you to jump into everything from live conferences to concerts and what’s even more cool is that it is partnered with Twitter so you can tweet out your live stream and broadcast it to your community. Interact with your clients, consumers and loyal fans and cater to your target audience by finding out what they want to see from you! 

periscope event

Imagine eating a 3-course dinner in Morocco, Istanbul and South Africa … all in one sitting. With digital projection mapping you can do just that, Reshaping the way we experience events, digital mapping can metamorphose a plain space and turn it into a spectacle within a matter of seconds. Using 3D imagery, this is one of my favorite techniques to implement for those with a modest budget, willing to take a risk. While pricey, the payoff can leave a lasting impression with attendees.

digital event mapping

Inside Weddings Feature: Jordyn and Brad Mon, 09 May 2016 20:20:53 +0000 Excited to have Jordyn and Brad’s beautiful wedding which was planned, designed and produced by KBE at Terranea Resort featured in the 2016 spring issue of Inside Weddings!

This oceanside celebration was inspired by the couple’s love for the ocean and the design story for the day incorporated the colors of the sea ranging from sky blue to deep indigo to teal, accented by creamy white and naturals along with warm metallics and rich textures such as jute, ratan, bamboo, parchment and beach glass.

Click here to view the full feature in the spring issue of Inside Weddings … and newsstands now … and check out the full album from the wedding feature more photos by Braedon Photography!


Inside Weddings Planner


Creative Partners:
Decor and Florals: R Jack Balthazar
Rentals: Town and Country
Entertainment: West Coast Music
Lighting: The Lighter Side
Invitations: Bliss and Bone
Cake: Fantasy Frostings

2016 Special Events Gala Awards Wed, 03 Feb 2016 00:25:58 +0000 We are so excited and incredibly honored to announce that we have won the Gala Award for the 2016 Best Event Produced for a Private Individual for our Carnival Freak Show Halloween event!


The Gala Awards were hosted by Special Events Magazine on January 14th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida and recognizes spectacular work in event planning worldwide. We were fortunate enough to be nominated for four different categories including Best Wedding: Budget $1,000 and Above per Guest, Best Event Produced for a Private Individual: Budget $1,000 and Above per Guest, and Best Decor: Total Decor Budget $100,000 to $250,000.

It is humbling to be recognized amongst peers for whom we have such tremendous respect and we would like to extend our congratulations to all the other finalists and winners. We’re looking forward to a great 2016 filled with sensational clients, a wonderful team and amazing events.

Holiday Tabletops Fri, 18 Dec 2015 07:19:11 +0000 Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean your tabletop needs to be dressed in red and green. Take the stress out of your holiday dinner party by setting your table in advance and give it a fresh but simple spin using 6 or less easy-to-find ingredients.

For this festive table, we chose to warm it up using tones of chocolate and red and embellished it with a combination of seasonal produce, such as pomegranates, crab apples and cranberries which you can find at your local market. To give it height and dimension, we used wooden pedestals, metal lanterns and cloches to display some of the produce in addition to pine cones (including a few from my own back garden) and spools of yarn for a luxe rustic tabletop. We added a wood slice as a thematic destination for a favorite holiday dish served tableside.

holiday tabletop event planner

events planningAn all-white look can give your tablescape a clean sophisticated quality and truly capture the essence of the winter season. For this design, we used white pumpkins, ceramic white owls, white fur, glass cloches and spray-painted white pine cones for this effortless and unique look.

white tabletop event planner

5We created a more edgier more modern look for this tabletop, incorporating metallics and natural wood and turned our white pumpkins gold. We then accented the tablescape with geodes, cotton pods and white phalaenopsis orchids. We also carved out a white pumpkin and added a decorative handle (taken from an old dresser and sprayed gold) creating a cloche to present cheese and nuts atop a slate slab for a twist on presenting hors d’oeuvres.

holiday tabletop event planner
3Further reboot your placesettings by mixing collected china patterns and trying alternating napkin folds at each. I also opted to drape each chair with white pashminas and fur throws to make guests a little more cozy.

placesettings 2 event planning
event planningFor placecards, consider using metallic paint to write names on mini white pumpkins, pomegranates or ribbon bands or tucking cards or tags into pinecones.
event planner
If you want to reduce your shopping list further, try a two ingredient design and invest in a fleet of varied sized glass cloches, placing each with a string of mini battery operated LED lights for a stunning and romantic tablescape that will wow your guests.

event planning

Overall I feel that using natural seasonal elements is always timeless, luxe and chic. Never be afraid to keep it understated as less is often more and simple but thoughtful design is always the most impactful.


Creative Partner: Lilla Bello
China, Flatware and Glassware: Classic Party Rentals
Photography: Leila Brewster

2015 BizBash Style Awards Wed, 30 Sep 2015 22:43:26 +0000 We are so excited to announce that we have been nominated for the 2015 BizBash Style Awards in the category of Best Event Decor – Budget Over $250k. We had the most amazing time dreaming up the design for this
2015 Halloween Party and Haunted House!

event planner

Thanks to our amazing team for all their incredible contributions to making this a success, including
Cirque Berzerk, LA Circus, Town and Country Event Rentals, Scarlette Bartending, Archive Rentals, The Lighter Side, AOO Events, Flipbooth, Dolly’s Cotton Candy, Hula Girls Hawaiian Shave Ice, Walter Pawluk, Record Me In HD and Brian Tropiano Photography.

For more photos from this event, check out our gallery on our website. And to watch footage from the Haunted House, click here.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress Wed, 23 Sep 2015 22:49:05 +0000 celebrity wedding planner

So you got engaged … now the pressure is on to find the perfect dress. What designer? What style? What color? We all have an idea of what we will look like the day we say “I do,” but is the dress you are envisioning the best look for you? Does it represent who you are now or the woman you thought you would be when this day would finally roll around? If you’ve been dreaming about a wedding since you were five, does your vision still define you?

There are obvious considerations like whether or not you want to wear the ballgown you have been eyeing now that you have selected a beachside venue. Or whether the mini you choose to show off your best assets is appropriate for a church wedding. But at the end of the day, I want to remind you that there are no rules.

You don’t have to have a “wedding” gown and it can still be the most badass wedding gown anyone’s ever seen. It doesn’t have to be from a bridal salon … and it absolutely doesn’t have to be white.

With NY Bridal Fashion Week just around the corner, forget all you thought you knew about wedding dresses and let some of our favorite gowns fire up your imagination!

wedding dress, kristin banta events

For more wedding dress inspiration, visit our Pinterest Board, Gowns That Kill.

Dress Designers:
Row 1 (top to bottom): Christian Dior, Inbal Dror, R-Mine, Max Azria, Galia Lahav, Christian Dior, Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Oscar De La Renta, Hayley Paige | Row 2 (top to bottom): Vera Wang, Inbal Dror, Elie Saab, Christian Dior, Paolo Sebastian, Monique Lhuillier, Ulyana Sergeenko, Vivienne Westwood, Stephane Rolland, Paolo Sebastian, Vera Wang, Unknown, Chanel | Row 3 (top to bottom): Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Vera Wang, Ashi Studio Couture, Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrera, Reem Acra, Monique Lhuillier, Zuhair Murad, Carolina Herrera, Elie Saab, Carolina Herrera

Top Photo by Blake Gardner.

Sam & Melissa’s Classic Hollywood Wedding Thu, 19 Mar 2015 23:12:43 +0000 With Classic Hollywood as the center of their inspiration, Sam & Melissa’s wedding captured spectacular elements from their venue choice of Sony Studios to rich floral and decor hues of navy and gold, creating a glamorous and timeless ambiance.

sam and melissa 1 Photos by Love Ala Photography and Brian Tropiano Photography

Guests parked and entered the Sony Pictures Madison gates walking down Main Street and into the ceremony garden where they were offered refreshments, parasols and yarmulkes. Guests had the opportunity to write a special note to the couple before taking their seats under the courtyard trees for the ceremony. A string quartet played modern arrangements as guests found their seats from mahogany wooden chairs that framed an aisle detailed with an elaborate ribbon and floral pattern evoking an art deco inspired shape and that led to an elegant ceremony alter area at the top of the steps. Deco detailed reserved cards were laid out for family & bridal party in the 1st row.

sam and melissa 2

Following the ceremony guests were ushered into the Main Street area where they were offered signature drinks and a selection of tray passed hors d’oeuvres, along with 2 full bars detailed in luxe cream linens with gold runners. Guests had the option to converse around high cocktail tables embellished with gold textured linens or low rounds laid with navy cloths and placed with mahogany Chivari chairs. A cheese table draped in a cream linen offered a selection of decadent snacks as guests enjoyed a lively string serenade as the sun began to set. Gold detailed escort cards were offered from a table draped in a cream luxe linen artfully detailed with gold ribbon to determine their table for the dinner.

As the sun set, the sounds of a DJ rose as guests walked to the Thalberg façade where an array of rounds and one long table awaited to receive them placed on 2 levels of richly carpeted stairs illuminated from below. Tables were adorned with metallic striped linens, cream florals set in crystal bowls accompanied by gold patterned votives along with gold rimmed patterned stacked china, cut crystal stemware, gold flatware, crisp navy napkins, and custom menus. The space was flanked by a lavish dessert table set on a collection of gold and crystal stands along with a champagne tower.

sam and melissa 3

The upper level offered a metallic brushed gold dance floor and luxe lounge vignettes featuring navy and mahogany sofas, chocolate leather stools and gold metal side and coffee tables. The DJ station was flanked by the vignettes set off by a textured metallic linen draped table with a draped backdrop that complemented the existing building façade. A bar was placed on the other end of the space, detailed in the same rich metallic linen with a woven gold draped backsplash and mahogany and gold back bar display set with an array of candlelight and inspired décor and flanked by navy slipper chairs and gold side tables for guests to relax in throughout the evening.

In the center of the space, a cake table draped in a gold patterned linen offered a stunning tiered creation finished with ivory fondant and painted gold details topped with a floral embellishment. Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed incredible cuisine from Wolfgang Puck, dancing and an opportunity to take photos in a custom photo area.