Four Seasons Resort / Costa Rica

images Every vacation that starts with an early morning departure should start with a Bloody Mary – in this case it wasn’t until our layover in Houston that we finally got a couple. Commendable, smokey version served at Pappadeux in Terminal C which set the mood for the afternoon flight to Liberia, Costa Rica (pronounced Lib-Area ... {more}

Las Ventanas / Baja Mexico

Land5 You want to get married. And you want to bring your guests somewhere out of the ordinary. And money…eh, you’re not hurting. The criteria: must be close to home (meaning one flight and a short one at that). Not too far from the airport – you want to be off the plane and in the ... {more}

Show Your True Colors

ShowImage.aspx We’ve all been patiently waiting and I┬áthink the day is finally almost here…the day justice is served and marriage equality is a reality and not just something that was a brief triumphant moment that felt like a dream. Join me in flying your rainbow colors in support of our legal system doing the right thing. ... {more}