Minimalism is great. Maximalism too. What we avoid is mediumism. - David Hoey

Ominous Vintage Carnival Freakshow

kristin banta events As guests entered through the gates of the private Bel Air estate, they were met by ringmaster-attired attendants as the sounds of ominous circus music played overhead. The boldly lit driveway was draped with circus fabric and embellished with an elephant and vintage circus truck. Guests checked in at carnival ticket booths and were then ... {more}

Gift Wrap Ideas - Using Unexpected Materials

gw8 One of my favorite things about the holidays is getting creative with gift wrapping. I love the idea of working with unique and unexpected materials to personalize an offering. Don’t be afraid to explore less traditional colors or unusual components to wrap your gifts, even incorporating luxe textiles, cigar boxes, and craft paper while embellishing ... {more}