Minimalism is great. Maximalism too. What we avoid is mediumism. - David Hoey

A Dinner with the Industry's Most Intriguing People

I recently had the honor of being invited to a dinner hosted by one of my mentors and favorite people in the industry, Hillary Harris – Executive Director of Warner Brothers Special Events and Event Solutions Hall of Fame Inductee. Little did I realize, Hillary was gathering together the top special events industry professionals as ... {more}

Event Solutions Spotlight Awards

SpotlightAwardsLogo_2014Wwinner I am incredibly honored to have been named the 2014 “Event Planner of the Year” by Event Solutions. THANK YOU to my incredible staff, my supportive family, our fearless clients & my brilliant team, especially R.Jack Balthazar and The Lighter Side, without whom I would not be able to shine. To view the complete list ... {more}

My new project: Syfy's "My Big Fat Geek Wedding!"

geek4 I am excited to announce my newest television project, a one-hour special on the Syfy Channel, “My Big Fat Geek Wedding.” The show focuses on a one-of-a-kind couple, wishing to depart from the expected in order to be true to themselves, whilst as their planner and designer, I take on the challenge of making their ... {more}