• "Kristin Banta Events shatters the concept of what events can be."

    - Jenna Blaha, Tech and Fashion Editor at Marie Claire Magazine

  • "I don’t know how you did it, but you managed to get the exact balance of class, sophistication, elegance, and endless FUN."

    - Gwen Connors, Client

  • "I work with a ton of planners and I can honestly say that Kristin surpasses them all."

    - Teness Herman, Photographer

  • "Kristin Banta cares more about her clients and her work than any other wedding planner that I’ve encountered."

    - Rachel Hundley, Client

  • "Kristin is a true artist. Her phenomenal design skills and expertise make her THE wedding planner."

    - Jessica Hershorn, Client

  • "One word to describe this designer – BESPOKE."

    - Deekla Weiss, Client

  • "Kristin Banta and her team will transport you and your guests through an ultimate event experience."

    - Krystal Moreno, Shutters on the Beach & Casa Del Mar

  • "Kristin was able to really understand who Brian and I are as a couple and infuse our personality into the decor and feeling of the day."

    - Jessica & Brian Lacher, Clients

  • "The team at Montage Beverly Hills absolutely loves working with Kristin Banta Events."

    - George Nickels, Montage Beverly Hills

  • "I feel so so lucky to count Kristin Banta Events as one of my favorite clients of all time."

    - Suzanne Down, Cirque Berzerk

  • "Kristin Banta and her team made our wedding day truly one of the greatest days of our life and a great start to our life together." 

    –Mark & Lisa Wong, Client

  • "I hired Kristin Banta for one reason – she is a risk taker. She has the unique skill of giving her clients exactly what they want, while also challenging them to think outside the box."

    –Emily Negley, Vulcan Inc.

  • "Kristin’s ability to turn our ideas into a masterpiece was evident in every aspect of the wedding."

    -Ryan & Cara Collins, Client

  • "She is an advocate for her clients as well as her locations and vendors and creatively finds ways to make all of them shine in their own unique ways."

    –Jen Kenton, Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

  • "I truly cannot imagine another event planner with as much passion and creativity as Kristin Banta."

    -Robin Sackman, Client



See what our clients say

The event was a true success, thank you! Each branded component was integrated organically and seamlessly, bringing the entire environment to life. It was beautiful! Your detailing and creative are masterful and you and your team could not be a more seasoned group of organized professionals from day one! Absolutely best in class!

Tiffany Iino
Vice President Creative Services/Events, Disney Television Group

I hired Kristin Banta for one reason – she is a risk taker. She has the unique skill of giving her clients exactly what they want, while also challenging them to think outside the box.

Emily Negley
Special Events Manager, Vulcan, Inc.

We use no exaggeration or hyperbole of any kind when we declare that we unequivocally had the single most epic wedding of all time. A wedding so unique, so elegant, so gorgeous, so fun that our guests have quite literally not stopped talking about for the last two months straight. It will be remembered by our family and friends as the greatest party they were ever fortunate enough to be invited to and, without any doubt, it was all thanks to Kristin Banta Events.

In an effort to give our (mostly) out of town guests a truly one of a kind Hollywood experience, we booked our wedding on the Warner Brothers Studios backlot. It comes complete with movie scenery facades, historic film locations, and active shooting sets, and, while we were excited to give our guests this distinctive party experience, we soon found ourselves dealing with the kind of studio bureaucracy that would land our wedding in development hell.

Kristin and her team took on the unenviable task of not only planning a beautiful event but also a movie studio production. To say they excelled and exceeded our expectations would be putting it mildly. The not only cut through the studio red tape, simultaneously relieving all our pre-wedding stress, but they put together the wedding of our dreams.

From just a few casual conversations over wine and cheese, Kristin and her team took all of our favorite things (comic books, Chihuahuas, chandeliers) and crafted them into a cohesive yet elegant design that captured both our spirit as a couple and the Warner Bros locale. What we ended up with was a Gotham City inspired affair complete with Batmobiles (we made our entrance via the ’66 and had the ’89 parked under the movie theater marquee of Brownstone Street), black damask linens, and tablescapes reminiscent of Wayne Manor, encouraging guests to find their inner Dark Knight.

There isn’t a chance we could have done any of it without Kristin Banta Events. They took our ideas an elevated them tenfold, yet, in the eyes of our guests, we came across looking like rock stars. From the band to the dance floor to the minor touches that meant so much to us and will stay with us forever, Kristin Banta and her team made our wedding the most special day of our lives. We can’t thank them enough and wholeheartedly believe they deserve any and all recognition above all others.

Derek and Stefania Asaff

Professionalism, experience and genuine happiness is how I describe Kristin and her team. We did not live in Los Angeles and I was a bride that was not into the details or anything that would take me away from being in the moment during my magical weekend. It was extremely important that my wedding planner had the capability of running the show while also being in my head. Kristin exceeded my expectations. The look and feel was beyond my imagination.  The vendors Kristin provided were also extremely professional and creative. From the florals to photographers and even the coffee cart, their experience and confidence provided David and I with peace on our wedding day. 

When our blissful day came to and end, David and I both said, we want to get married all over again! Kristin totally captured the essence of who we are. We are forever grateful for turning our dream into a reality!

Susan Singer

I have had the great honor of working with Kristin Banta on two occasions. Our son’s wedding was 4 1/2 years ago – an elegant small wedding, as there was also a larger celebration being held in South America. Kristin transformed the rooftop space to something magical. . .the lighting, flowers, 7 course tasting menu, feasting table, dancing. . .not a single detail missed.

We just had the wedding for our daughter and our new son-in-law, a few weeks ago, and it was quite large and a destination venue, and Kristin and team were in charge of all four days of events. Each day brought it’s own flavor and element of surprise, all building up to the wedding day, which was nothing less than spectacular! The decor was so out of the box and fit the venue and the happy couple’s wishes to perfection. The comments and compliments keep pouring in – “most fantastic wedding they had ever attended”!

Kristin’s attention to detail is amazing. She is always available; she is never too busy to take a call – whether it’s just to be assured, or go over a specific detail. Her team works so hard and always with smiles on their faces. I truly cannot imagine another event planner with as much passion and creativity as Kristin Banta. She surrounds herself with the most talented people in the business – your cake WILL be delicious; your flowers and decor WILL be out of this world. . .

I’m just happy we still have one child to give a wedding for 🙂

Robin Sackman

“Kristin Banta Events shatters the concept of what events can be. Kristin’s design work, on the cutting edge of both fashion and technology, takes her clients’ vision to epic new levels as she orchestrates truly original and provocative experiences that indulge all senses while imparting a distinct story to each and every guest.”

Jenna Blaha
Tech and Fashion Editor at Marie Claire Magazine

Jen Kenton
Senior Catering Manager, Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

My wife Lisa and I wanted to take the opportunity to write about our experience with Kristin Banta and her team. We first heard about her when I was online looking for top wedding planners in the Los Angeles area for our 2015 summer wedding. We found her name mentioned on a few sites and decided to meet her and a couple of other planners just to see what was out there. Right away Kristin stood out with her energy, enthusiasm and honesty. Lisa and I were looking for someone who could make our wedding fun but also memorable at the same time. While the other planners were also top notch, at the end of the day Kristin’s personality and ideas for our Winter Wonderland theme really gave us the final push.

Instead of going the traditional blue/white lights and typical winter props, Kristin and her team merged a collection of our favorite wintery ideas from the Chronicles of Narnia, Game of Thrones, along with her inspiration from Alexander McQueen to give us a fresh and innovative new take on the Winter Wonderland theme. The wedding was so perfect it even made its way into a magazine which was very exciting for us!

We loved how it turned out and more importantly so did our guests. Many of them felt it was the best wedding they ever attended. Everything from décor, food, officiating, ambiance, photos and videography was perfect. We’ve pretty much decided all future events we plan are going to Kristin and we always bring her name up when someone mentions an event they need to put together.

Kristin Banta and her team made our wedding day truly one of the greatest days of our life and a great start to our life together.


Mark & Lisa Wong

I’m sure everyone believes that their wedding was the best wedding they have ever been to, but literally because of Kristin Banta and her team, I would have to say this was definitely one for the books. She is not just an event planner, she is a true artist. She has the amazing ability in taking the craziest of concepts and turning them into a reality. A reality where people just marvel at its beauty. It is her professionalism that allowed me (the control freak in the marriage) to sit back and actually enjoy our wedding. It is that kind of trust that every couple should feel with their event planner. When people ask us how was the wedding, the only words that can come out of our mouths is flawless. Not one thing had a hitch and even if did, was we had no clue about it. All of this is why recommended her to everyone we know.

Michael and Carlos Maya

I’ve had the honor of being a supplier to Kristin Banta Events on multiple occasions. Kristin challenges and invigorates our creativity for the benefit of her clients. Many designers and producers push and challenge their suppliers for better pricing or to homogenize them into their creative vision. Kristin is different, she inspires, embraces, and empowers us to create with her, not just for her. She is always our greatest advocate in delivering excellence in not just cuisine, but experience. I love getting the personal call when it is Kristin on the other end saying “We have a fun one on our hands.”  I know it will always be an adventure with the end result being an event that exudes style, integrity and a cohesive guest experience.

Nathaniel Neubauer
Owner & Executive Chef, Contemporary Catering

Dear Kristin,

On behalf of the Anne Neilson Home team, I want to THANK YOU for helping to make our Golden Globes gifting suite a success! Nothing I can say could translate the gratitude we have for you, your team, your execution, and delivery from the months leading up to especially the day of. Five stars isn’t a limit that could capture all you have done, but for those that know me best, know that when I say you are the best event coordinator we could have asked for, I mean it with all my heart.

Please express our gratitude to Brooke and your team for all their hard work and for making the day of SO easy. I loved seeing the look on Anne’s face upon seeing the design for the first time…she was blown away…and that doesn’t happen often! You are truly wonderful and it was an honor to work with you. You’ll be the first person I call if there is a project opportunity in the future!

Many blessings and thank you again,
Jessica Hood
Assistant Sales Director, Anne Neilson Home

I feel so so lucky to count Kristin Banta Events as one of my favorite clients of all time. She brings incredible artistic vision to her events, she is clear about what she needs and at the same time gives you the room to do your job and I have never seen her lose her cool. She and her entire team are the most professional, problem solving and fun crew I have ever had the pleasure to work for. What I love about Kristin is that no matter how stressed she is, how close to go time we are, she always takes a moment to say thank you – she is by far one of the most gracious people I have ever met and any vendor would thank their lucky stars to work with her and her team.

Suzanne Down
Owner and Creative Director, Cirque Berzerk

Kristin Banta Events will be creating any and all of our events FOREVER!!! To say Kristin is unique and creative is an understatement. She is also the most organized person. She has amazing vision and passion. The staff is friendly, calm, helpful and ON TOP OF IT!!! It’s not easy to blow peoples’ minds, this is L.A. but Kristin manages to do it, every time!

Marni Eshel

The team at Montage Beverly Hills absolutely loves working with Kristin Banta Events. Their dedication to creating unique and memorable events for their clients shows in every aspect of their work. They are professional, easy to work with and above all, create amazing events. Couples and clients would be lucky to have their expertise behind them when planning their wedding or private events. We have only the highest of praises.

George Nickels
Director of Catering and Conference Services, Montage Beverly Hills

Kristin and team made my wedding a dream come true. My now-husband and I are in our late 20’s and going to weddings every weekend (and have been for the past few years). I went into wedding planning thinking I’d already seen everything and was terrified of having a cliche “ballroom wedding.” I wanted our wedding to be elegant, but comfortable and fun.

Picking Kristin as our wedding planner was a no-brainer. Kristin & team had planned my brother and sister in-law’s intimate dinner party style wedding with 50 guests a few years ago and it was warm, gorgeous, festive and everything else you would want in a wedding. I, on the other hand, was having a 250 person wedding and still wanted it to have the intimacy and warmth so present in my brother’s wedding.

Kristin Banta Events accomplished that and so much more. Not only did I get to soak in and enjoy every minute of my wedding (compared to the experience many others told me about wishing they could be a guest at their own wedding), but all of our guests had the best time. The wedding was so beautiful and organic. Every detail down to the lighting of the room was impeccable. Kristin was able to really understand who Brian and I are as a couple and infuse our personality into the decor and feeling of the day. We are so grateful to Kristin and team for planning such a gorgeous and joyous celebration of our love.

Jessica & Brian Lacher

Kristin is a kickass, top-notch wedding planner extraordinaire! She is a rarity; a diligent professional with artistic vision and a creative eye. From the little details to the overall picture, Kristin and her team were on point in making our wedding absolutely perfect. Much love, Kristin!

Val Sanders

Kristin Banta and her team will transport you and your guests through an ultimate event experience. It’s always an honor to have this team working with my teams at Shutters on the Beach and Hotel Casa Del Mar, Santa Monica. Kristin Banta sets the bar in the events industry and has everyone’s best interest at heart – from the client, the venue, the guests and all staff involved in executing an event.

Krystal Moreno
Director of Catering, Shutters On The Beach and Casa Del Mar

I interviewed 5 wedding designers, who all had the boring cookie-cutter wedding approach. Once I met with Kristin, I KNEW my wedding would be special! Her approach was completely personalized and unique. Kristin’s intense attention to wedding details, which I was too busy to deal with as a working bride, her phenomenal sense of style and most accommodating team, made my wedding unforgettable. My guests are still talking about our wedding, 5 years later! One word to describe this designer – “BESPOKE.”

Deekla Weiss

Kristin Banta is an event planning rock star! More than once, she has been able to take a ridiculously limited budget and transform the back of a comic book shop into the most stylish, sophisticated and downright sexiest event in town. Banta makes nerds look good.

Christopher Fealy
General Manager, Nerdist Industries

Dear Kristin,

How do I even begin to say thank you for all you have done for me? I can tell you right now it’s not going to fit on this little card. You were, hands down, the best decision I made in this wedding process. I am so in awe of you. You are beautiful, smart, level-headed, organized, and super cool! You are also very talented and good at what you do. I was very out of my element with much of the planning and you were always so patient and clear with your explanations. Bottom line, I was blown away by how beautiful the wedding turned out. It was, by far, the best day of my life and I don’t have enough words to thank you for making my dream a reality. THANK YOU!

Camille Kirkpatrick

P.S. I am now going through what Ryan calls, “Kristin withdrawals” I cried for the first two days of our honeymoon because I missed you! Still now, just thinking about it makes me all teary-eyed. You are the best Mrs. Banta and I am going to miss you!

Hey Kristin,

It has been almost two years since our wedding, and I was inspired to write after finally getting the pictures my grandmother took at the wedding. These two pictures just sum up our experience with you. A situation that would have been a minor disaster without you (the bustle ripping off right before we were supposed to dance) was just another moment I got to spend enjoying my new husband and our wedding because you were there. Look how relaxed we are; just enjoying some champagne and a moment together. Of course this wasn’t the only time you were behind the scenes fixing the little things that came up throughout the night. The little rip on my veil, the lipstick mark on the dress, the guest who didn’t have a table number…every big or little thing that came up throughout the night was handled calmly before I gave it a second thought. People don’t believe me when I say I felt no stress…only joy (I probably wouldn’t have believed me either). But it is true; we had a perfect wedding. We know it isn’t the most important thing in the world to have a perfect wedding, but the memories continue to bring us joy as we delight in being newlyweds. We hope you are doing great, and miss you!

Rachel (and Elliot) Wickett

Kristin Banta is as dynamic and creative as they come. Over-the-top details and perfectly executed production, every event with Kristin never ceases to blow my mind. Professional and personal at the same time, I couldn’t be more proud to call her and her team friends.

Brian Tropiano


You know, it was very hard to say goodbye to you after the wedding. There were so many things that I wanted to express to you at the moment but I hope you know that I am forever grateful for all that you have done. Thank you for all your late nights, your advice and comfort, your professionalism and most of all for something that money can’t buy– your love for what you do. Everything was just so beautiful from start to finish and you really melted our hearts with the way you arranged our bridal suite– that was so sweet!!! You have honestly been so much more than a wedding planner to me – more like my second mom. You made my union with the love of my life turn out to be a real fairytale and for hat I’ll always be grateful. I feel so lucky to have found you. You are truly a rare precious gem!

Karla Robleto

Dear Kristin,

Just a “little” thank you for a “big” job. You made this whole process, not just pleasant, but fun. You smoothed us over the bumps. In fact, you made it feel we were on a joy ride going over the bumps. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover how we feel.

Mary Margaret

“Done and done” – Kristin’s favorite phrase. At first I thought it was just a phrase but after Kristin executed a million dollar wedding, with a couple of months’ notice ensuring the details were taken care of down to a private dinner setting (during the wedding reception amidst a myriad of entertainers, guests, four different theme settings and a frantic fiancé) with ease; I knew it was more than a phrase. I trusted Kristin with all the details of a once in a lifetime event and she delivered what I wanted and more. Done and Done is all you need to hear to know whatever you want will be done.


Kristin is truly a rare find… with a combination of impeccable attention to detail as well as the ability to gracefully handle any obstacle that may come about… I can’t recommend her enough!

Alyssa Nicol


You are such a doll. We enjoyed the experience so much. We really appreciate you and were absolutely touched by your kindness and sincerity — Juan still talks about what a class act you are and how much he was impressed by you, and he doesn’t rave about just anybody! You are such a joy and you gave so much to make our day unforgettable; I could never express to you what that means to us. So, your kind words are even more meaningful knowing how absolutely spectacular you are. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

With love and gratitude,
Michelle Haro
Mark Burnett & Dreamwork’s “Wedding Day” on TNT

Sweet Kristin,

There are no words to thank you for making Ryann and Mark’s wedding day a magical reality. This was a day they had only dreamed about until 9/19/09. Your talents and visions are rare beyond belief. I thank you from deep within my heart…I will always remember your kindness, creativity, patience, and forever be awed by your love for making dreams come true! I wish I could hug you with my arms rather than my words. Wishing you continued happiness and success.

With love,
Joanne & Mark Russell

If you want a wedding that isn’t your average hotel ballroom, salmon, chicken or steak, lavender bridesmaid’s dresses, satin wrapped bouquet affair, then Kristin is the gal for you! I’ll give you a great example of how detail oriented Kristin is: my husband had one request – a large glass of ice water to quell any flop sweats that might occur (don’t ask). Throughout the wedding, wherever the man turned, he found a large, fresh glass of ice water at his fingertips. A small detail, but it made all the difference. Our wedding was such a success; 5 years later we still get compliments on how beautiful and unique it was.

Thanks K!
Lily Savitch

Kristin Banta is the queen of all wedding planners! She throws out the rulebook on weddings and allows the couple to create a day that is meaningful, beautiful and above all memorable for them. She takes the time to plan out a flawless wedding itinerary that most planners don’t seem to put much value on (what good are all those flowers and centerpieces if nobody has fun?). Our guests were never hungry, thirsty or lacking entertainment and they still talk about it now 6 years later!

Missy and Joseph Yoshitomi

She’s the most organized, helpful, knowledgeable and fun wedding planner there is. You won’t find anyone better.

Jennifer Perez

From day one, Kristin and her team took our vision and ideas for our Hotel Bel-Air wedding and put them into fruition in the most amazing way. Her organization, style and creativity far exceeded our expectations. From the many meetings, emails and mock ups Kristin patiently addressed every single concern and managed to take all of our ideas and put her unique touch on everything. The day of the wedding could not have gone any smoother. Kristin and her team made sure that the entire day was effortless and enjoyable for everyone involved. The professionalism and personal touch that Kristin and her team put on every aspect of the wedding made the entire process unforgettable and perfect. Kristin’s ability to turn our ideas into a masterpiece was evident in every aspect of the wedding.

From the vendors, photographer, florist and everyone involved, we were blown away by the cohesion and beauty in every aspect of the day. From day one Kristin made us feel comfortable in every decision and provided a level of service that we could have only dreamed of. We would highly recommend Kristin Banta events for anyone planning a once in a lifetime event. Thank you Kristin Banta Events for making the most important day of our lives something we will never forget.

Ryan and Cara Collins

Kristin made our wedding day beautiful and carefree. She was so pleasant to work with, listening to our ideas and giving suggestions of what she knows works. Our wedding was perfect because of her.

Eisanne Tanimoto

Kristin is extremely talented at creating an amazing occasion. She has a great eye, is very personable, handles all of the details and does it all with a great sense of humor and style.

Art Director

Kristin is a true artist. Her phenomenal design skills and expertise make her THE wedding planner.

Jessica Hershorn

Kristin is AMAZING! Her process from the beginning to the end helped make our wedding perfect. It rained at our wedding and we were afraid that would ruin the wedding, but Kristin handled the transition to the back up plan flawlessly. The main reason we hired a wedding planner was so that we wouldn’t have to deal with the details. Kristin took care of everything with style and grace. I’ve heard about other wedding planners, but none have been even close to measuring up with Kristin!

Marcus Tanimoto

Kristin is just amazing. She’s got it all…creativity, organization, professionalism and a great personality. No detail was overlooked. Kristin rocks!

Lynh Ho

Kristin Banta cares more about her clients and her work than any other wedding planner that I’ve encountered. She’s intelligent, funny, and experienced. Most importantly, she is always calm and collected with her clients, vendors, and staff, making every wedding perfect and seamless. She is truly a spectacular wedding planner.

Rachel Hundley

She is creative, detail oriented, organized beyond organized and an overall wonderful person with whom to work.

Tracy Rossie
Graphic Designer

Creative, cutting edge style, EFFICIENT, and a delight to work with!

Patti Black
Black Ink

When Nat first told me she wanted a wedding planner, you have no idea how against it I was. I thought it was an extra cost that was totally unnecessary and fought even having the meetings. Now that everything is said and done a year later, there is no doubt that hiring you was the best decision we made regarding our wedding. You helped us in so many different ways, and there is no way we could have pulled it off without you. Thank you so much. If you ever need a referral for a potential client… especially a reluctant husband to be, please have them call me.

Steve Caric

Working with Kristin Banta has been an absolute delight. Aside from being incredibly hip and trend savvy in an industry of design clichés, Kristin’s keen sense of style and attention to detail is truly refreshing. Her ability to stay calm, cool and collected in the most frenzied environments is uncanny. Her warm, funny and engaging personality puts even the most rigid personalities at ease. Kristin Banta is a true creative gem and I look forward to many more years of working together.

Kristen Souders
Bliss* Video Productions

Words cannot express how grateful we are to you in helping make our wedding the perfect and beautiful event that it was! Your time, efforts, talent and patience made our special day a truly memorable event. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you again – rest assured that all of our guests have you in mind for their events. Continued success to you!

All our best,
Conrad and Abby Sison


It was a great pleasure to have you coordinate and plan Craig and Beth’s wedding ceremony. Your professionalism and attention to detail allowed the ceremony to proceed flawlessly. I was secure in the knowledge that you and your wonderful team were well prepared.

I look forward to working with you again very soon.

Best regards,
Rabbi Ian
Pacific Synagogue

Dear Kristin,

The La Fuente de la Juventud event you planned here at the Museum of Latin American Art was perfect in every detail. It’s obvious that you carefully considered the audience in your planning, as those who came were really enjoying themselves. The entire MoLAA Staff was amazed at the way you transformed our Multi-Purpose room into a nightclub environment…especially since you had to work on such a tight budget! Everything was done in such good taste. You are right, “less is definitely more”. The centerpieces were so classy, so creative and yet so inexpensive, and the outdoor space you created with your clever decorations was so cozy and inviting! As Chief Operating Officer for the Museum, I was especially impressed by your organization and attention to detail. Everything came off flawlessly, elegantly and calmly. My congratulations and thanks to you, Kristin, on a fabulous event. You’re a true professional.

Nancy J. Fox
COO, Museum of Latin American Art

I have done many weddings with Kristin and every event has been amazing, incredibly organized & beautiful. She is gracious, patient, and a total professional. She always has 2-3 assistants with her. Without a doubt some of my favorite jobs I have done in the past years have been weddings with her.

I work with a ton of planners and I can honestly say that she surpasses them all. With Kristin you get grace, beauty, style and a wedding that goes without any problems. You cannot go wrong using her. Count yourself lucky to have her available for your big day!

Teness Herman

Working with Kristin is an absolute joy. Not only was she extremely organized (more so than many wedding planners I’ve worked for), but her shining skill is in the “design” of the wedding– the look, the feel, the atmosphere– everything the guests see and which makes the wedding memorable.

Her eye for detail (little silver chairs to hold the chocolates… who knew?) helps create an overall feeling for the wedding. It’s not rote by any means. It’s not just a wedding… in a hall…with the standard wedding traditions… the same music… and just “there”– it’s an event.

Beyond that, she’s a joy as a person. Full of laughs and a great personality while maintaining her professionalism and, bottom line, getting the job done with the least amount of drama (also a rarity among wedding planners).

I would work with her without thinking twice, at any and every event she plans as I know each one is going to be of the highest quality, entirely unique, and above all, a complete blast!

Joel Bryant

Kristin has the ability to pull together any event with style, grace and ease. Always hip and and elegant with a flair for the unusual, I find working with her a joy because there are always so many beautiful things to photograph and everything runs on schedule. I’ve never seen her lose her cool under pressure, which makes everyone around her, from her clients to her vendors, feel completely at ease.

Stephanie Ellis

Dear Kristin,

What a wonderful day! We really can say we enjoyed every aspect of our wedding. Family members and friends keep complimenting all the details and remarking how memorable everything was. Much of this has to do with your creativity, patience and diligence. Without your steadfast help we would not have been able to pull everything together from gospel singers to aesthetic to overall flow. Thanks for a smooth and seamless day – a brilliant start to our life together.

Beth & Craig Tanimoto

Kristin Banta and her team are absolutely amazing to work with. They are always so organized and create smoothly executed events. Their professionalism and care allows us to do our job with such ease and makes for a great day.

Ryan Davis
Owner, Cloudless Weddings

Dear Kristin,

There’s no way to express my gratitude for the exquisite wedding and reception you planned for us, Kristin. As you know, I was becoming so overwhelmed and exhausted from planning the details of a wedding for two hundred people that I almost eloped. But thanks to you and your lovely staff, I was able to relax and enjoy the most wonderful day of my life. Our guests are still raving that it was the best wedding they ever attended. I don’t know how you did it, but you managed to get the exact balance of class, sophistication, elegance, and endless FUN. And it was as romantic as Tim and I had always wanted our wedding to be. The best part was all the pampering places you led me to so I could relax and be made beautiful for the wedding. I really DID feel beautiful; Kristin – and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that marvelous feeling. I’ll be calling you soon – there are going to be a few baby showers in the works this fall!

Thanks for being part of the memories!
Gwen Connors